The Podiatry services of The Westway Clinic are provided by Footzone Limited, which is owned and operated by sisters Fiona Brookes SRCh, MChS, DPodM and Morna Elliott BSc, SRCh, MChS, DPodM.

Both Fiona and Morna are highly qualified and experienced podiatrists with over 25 years of National Health experience between them. They continue to update their knowledge by attending post graduate courses to keep abreast of new information and skills to bring you the very best service possible.  Their practice has recently obtained ‘accredited status’ showing excellence in the field of Chiropody and Podiatry.

Your initial visit will include a detailed clinical examination of the feet and legs. Gaining a clear understanding of your medical health and any previous history of foot problems, helps us to formulate a plan for treatment. This not only aims to help the presenting foot problem but will provide you with a long term goal to stabilise improve and, ultimately correct the condition.

We operate a very well equipped clinic to enable us to deal with a wide range of foot complaints and for those who suffer from a recurrent infections of their nails or have painful acute in growing toenails we can offer simple minor surgery procedures, carried out using local anaesthetics.

Areas of special interest include podopaediatrics, which studies gait problems in children, and also recurrent sports injuries to the lower limb and back in both children and adults.

What they treat:

Problematic nails, corns & callouses, bunions, metatarsalgia, verrucae, athlete’s foot, heel pain, sports injuries, biomechanical assessments, management of in growing toenails, specialist foot care for people with diabetes, management of the rheumatoid foot and ulceration & infection.

A Biomechanical assessment is an examination of foot and lower limb mobility to determine the cause of conditions such as flat feet, back ache, walking difficulties, knee pains, bunions, heel pains and metatarsalgia (pain in fore foot) etc.

Treatment will include advice on exercise and stretching and may involve prescription and provision of individual appliances and orthotics to compensate for the structural imbalances affecting the function of feet and legs.

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