Homeopathy for Young Children, Teenagers & the Elderly

As an effective and widely useful treatment approach, Homeopathy is suitable for all ages, young or old.  When we have a family, we all too often forget to look after ourselves and that is why we all need to be aware of the various challenges that may creep up on every one of us.

Below is a rough guide to the kind of situations you and your family may find come up. It is important to note again that Homeopathy is not a replacement for conventional medicine, and you are encouraged to discuss any new or unusual symptoms with your family doctor or healthcare professional.

Babies, Toddlers and School Age Children

As your baby grows and continues to develop through to the teenage years, there are many forks in the road that each bring their own challenges.

Homeopathy addresses all of us on a mental, emotional and physical level. As a parent with a new baby or a toddler that is always on the go or a school child that is constantly active and studious, you may notice a range of things that at first seem innocuous but on reflection, it is possible these symptoms may be something that homeopathy can help with.

On a mental and emotional level, distraction and agitation are key signs that something may not be quite right. Physically, discomfort, slow bowels or bed-wetting may be signs too that disharmony exists.

In all these cases we recommend you contact our homeopath to discuss your individual experiences and to see if there is value in seeking a consultation. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective alternative medicine that can help with a wide range of situations.

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Teenagers to Adulthood

As your child enters the teenage years, the activity of the body accelerates as the bones and muscles grow, puberty makes its way into their lives and the demands of school heighten.

On a mental and emotional level, this is when the hormones and social pressures take a large toll, mood swings and anxiety-related situations become common and often these can manifest in different ways such as migraines or loss of concentration just as exam pressures mount.

Physically puberty can bring a wealth of symptoms as their bodies start to respond to the hormones that ramp up, causing monthly pains or poor skin quality and multiple spot breakouts.

Again, speaking to your homeopath may well bring insight into how some of these things may be linked. As the homeopathic consultation considers everything from personality traits and lifestyle to likes and dislikes often it is well placed to get to the root of any underlying cause.

Adults and the Elderly

Then there are the parents and the parents of the parents. Whilst working hard to care for our family and keeping multiple plates spinning life goes on, and we have our own difficulties and problems. As we age, our bodies continue to change, and we may develop a raft of different symptoms that are hard to keep up with at times.

On a mental and emotional level, we may become more stressed through work and life pressures, we may feel down at times or we may suffer a bereavement that catches us off guard. Physically, our bodies aren’t getting any younger and aches and pains become everyday occurrences. After more time our decreasing hormone levels may bring symptoms of menopause.

Homeopathy can be suitable through all these challenges and help us to be in our best condition, ready to tackle whatever is next around the corner. Speaking to your homeopath may be advisable so you can receive professional advice as you strive to enjoy life and your family.

What Our Clients Say

My son had suffered with glue ear for some time and there was a long wait for him to have grommets. I thought I would give an alternative a try. Catherine suggested a combination of osteopathy and homeopathy at the Clinic for the best results and she was not wrong. They both had an excellent knowledge of what was going on and how their therapies complement each other. At our next paediatric visit, they said he’d not need the surgery after all!

MK – Reigate

I’ve really struggled since my mother passed away, not wanting to go to work or leave the house. I saw Catherine who really helped. She is such a good listener, in fact, she was the first person I’d really spoken to about how I was really feeling. I took the remedy she carefully worked out for me and have gradually got back to my old self. I am now able to accept that Mum has gone and think of our happy times rather than just cry. Thank you!

WM – Redhill

My teenager has had lots of problems at school with stress/ anxiety and pressure of grades etc. We saw Catherine who listened and really got to the root of the problem. She gave us some homeopathic remedies to take which have helped him so much.

JS – Caterham

My daughter has had eczema since she was very young. I decided to try homeopathy as I did not like the side effects of conventional medicine. Catherine was fantastic. She gave me general advice and worked out a remedy for my daughter. She explained how the treatment worked and what I should expect which included a minor worsening at first but it then steadily improved and has now cleared

CA – Reigate

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