We are pleased to offer both general and sports massage treatments to our clients.

The techniques used by a massage (soft tissue) therapist have been developed to ensure effective and efficient results are gained from each massage. All our massage therapists have extensive experience working with a wide range of situations and you do not need to be a sports performer to benefit from massage

We offer two main forms of massage which are targeted at finding the best way to alleviate your discomfort, ease away tension and stress and return you to a healthy state. So, whether you are a professional sportsperson, keen amateur or simply hate sport we have a solution that can be tailored individually for you

Warwick and Jay have both worked alongside Professional and Semi-Professional teams including Premiership and Championship Football Teams, so they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clinic

We recognise many clients suffer from aches, pain or injury caused by everyday life and work stress or driving – our massages can be tailored to suit your needs but the high level of professionalism and experience our team brings means we are ideally and best placed to resolve any issues quickly compared to some more generalised massage practitioners

Where more demanding problems exist, Warwick and Jay will often work alongside our excellent team of osteopaths so that you have a solution to a wider and more complex approach to returning you to optimum health and well being

To find out more about the types of massage available please see below:

Why Choose Westway Clinic?

We are the only local clinic with a sports therapy team that have fast access to local GP surgeries, fast MRI referrals and other investigation referrals plus excellent relations with the top local hospital consultants for those more complex injuries.

Appointments are often available on short notice – please contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation with our sports therapist or one of our osteopaths who specialise in sports injuries.

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What Our Clients Say

Warwick and Jay are truly amazing. Professional and knowledgeable to a level I’ve not come across before. Thanks guys see you next week!

CEJ – Redhill

I find a massage so relaxing but felt I wanted more than a beauty style massage so was really pleased when my boyfriend bought me a voucher to have a massage at The Westway Clinic! I walked home after the session as if walking on air and I could feel the knots in my shoulders had gone! Brilliant!

JM – Reigate

The massage I had was one of the best I have ever experienced. Deep enough to work but not so hard as to hurt. Having only ever had spa massage before this is in a league of its own!

NL – Reigate

Warwick and the team have helped me get back to work, I intersperse my osteopathy with massage treatments and together they have proven so much more effective than my previous practitioner. Thanks guys!

JT – Redhill

I suffered with terrible shin splints and these are a thing of the past now Jay has worked her magic! Thanks!

CP – Reigate

The massage team at The Westway Clinic have helped my get back to the gym after struggling with various aches and pains. I’m now pain free after the gym and know my regular sessions help with my fitness regime.

ME – Redhill