Sports Massage

While similar in a lot of ways to general massages, sports massages tend to be a lot more specialised and are only applied in specific areas of the body where injuries have taken place.

Some people mistakenly feel that sports massages will not benefit them if the sustained injury was caused during an activity unrelated to sport. However, this is not a problem. The reality is, by targeting a specific problem in a localised area, this then provides a highly effective method of reducing the injury, promoting normal function and aiding in the healing process.

At our sports injury clinic, one of our specialist sports masseuses will take a detailed history of the injury and any exercise or lifestyle elements that may be related to the onset of the injury or that may impact the recovery. They will then examine the area and formulate a plan detailing how to treat the issue using soft tissue manipulation, mobilisation and friction work. Occasionally, they may also prescribe stretching or work for you to do at home, but this will vary on a case-by-case basis.

Sports massage is frequently used alongside osteopathy, reflexology or other forms of physical treatment to accelerate the responses. When combined, these treatments can help to normalise muscle function, reduce scarring and tissue contracture, reduce fibrosis and increase joint movement. Contact us today to get started with your recovery.

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Our massage therapists are specially trained in sports injuries and work to help their patients maximise their performance whilst resolving any sports injuries. So, whether you are preparing for a marathon, an upcoming sporting event or working towards improving your general fitness, our multidisciplinary approach is key to ensuring a fast, efficient recovery.

Responding quickly to an injury and seeking expert treatment at the earliest opportunity is proven to be the best way to a speedy return to your chosen sport or activity. Left for too long, injuries can result in longer term (chronic) loss of function and ability, often due to a build-up of scar tissue in joints and muscles. Working to reduce that scar tissue and return normal function, therefore,  is the basis of all physical therapy including sports massage.

What Our Clients Say

Warwick and the team have helped me get back to work, I intersperse my osteopathy with massage treatments and together they have proven so much more effective than my previous practitioner. Thanks guys!

JT – Redhill

I suffered with terrible shin splints and these are a thing of the past now Jay has worked her magic! Thanks!

CP – Reigate

The massage team at The Westway Clinic have helped my get back to the gym after struggling with various aches and pains. I’m now pain free after the gym and know my regular sessions help with my fitness regime.

ME – Redhill