Facial Reflexology in Surrey

Facial Reflexology is a holistic treatment that follows the same principles and benefits as reflexology applied to the feet. It takes the ancient learnings of classical reflexology and applies these to the reflex points of the face. As a treatment, it brings all the hallmark benefits of classical reflexology combined with the luxurious feel of a facial treatment.

Many patients experience a more radiant and healthy-looking complexion whilst gaining an enhanced feeling of well-being, reduced stress and improved overall sleep quality.

You will experience a deeply relaxing combination of massage and gentle pressure on the reflex points across all areas of your face, whilst unwinding in a warm environment filled with gentle and relaxing music and carefully chosen aromas. As this is an especially relaxing form of treatment it is not unusual for some to drift off to sleep for brief treatments during the session.

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During the session, your face will be cleansed, and a light elixir is then applied to your skin, therefore if you wear makeup you should keep this minimal when attending your treatment. Please also note, if you have recently had any cosmetic procedure, fillers or Botox to the face it is advised to wait for 21 days before seeking facial reflexology, in these instances foot reflexology may be a more appropriate approach if treatment is sought within this timeframe.

Our products are often not available in the shops and are high-end, organic and vegan friendly whilst never being on animals – if you would like to know more about our products and specialist brands please feel free to talk to your therapist who can advise accordingly, especially if you have recently had any dental or facial procedures.

Facial Reflexology

What Our Clients Say

My moods and sleep have improved dramatically in a very short period of time. Thank you!

ST – Dorking

I have a very stressful job and knew I needed to find something to help me relax and unwind. My wife recommended Catherine and I have not looked back. I like to have a mix of both facial and foot reflexology as I find that combination really helps me to switch off. I would not be without her.

JC – Redhill

I saw Catherine for facial reflexology as I was suffering from dizziness and feeling sick whenever I moved. Not only was the treatment so relaxing, I felt much better after just one appointment. I really would recommend Catherine to anyone.

NH – Reigate