What is Reflexology?

The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to us for thousands of years. Reflexology is a complimentary therapy that involves a pressure technique applied to your feet or face.  The principle is that reflexes in these areas correspond to each organ and structure in our bodies through channels, zones or meridians that exist in each and every one of us.

When an illness or stress occurs in the body, these corresponding energy channels can become blocked and reflexology techniques can then be applied to help the energy flow freely once more and so restore the body’s natural balance.

The gentle and rhythmic techniques can instil a level of relaxation that will often result in reduced stress and a feeling of well-being, many patients simply fall asleep for a short while during a session and awake refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated – such is the effect of this gentle and effective treatment.

Reflexology is suitable for men and women whether young or old, the busy office worker, a mum or dad, an expectant mum to be, exam laden adolescents, school children and babies. As it works holistically (helping the body as a whole) most people will benefit from treatment.  If you are unsure, why not contact us and we will arrange for our Reflexologist to call you to discuss your individual circumstances and needs.

Whether you choose to have reflexology for your feet or your face is purely up to you, whichever method you choose can be taken as a course of treatment or you may choose to benefit from taking advantage of one of our package deals so you can benefit from a course of treatment whilst also saving money! More information on our available packages can be found by clicking the Package Banner below…

Your Visit…

When you visit, your practitioner will start by completing a health record, asking questions about your health, lifestyle and history so as to ensure that whilst the correct areas are paid suitable attention, any potential for problems can be discussed with you before, during and after your session

Foot Reflexology…

Dating back for almost 5000 years, foot reflexology is a treatment that we believe can aid relaxation, improve mood, release tension, enhance sleep and can generally improve well-being; allowing us to cope better with the stresses that life can bring.

Your session will commence with your footwear and below knee clothing removed, then your practitioner will gently cleanse your feet to prepare the skin and then apply a high quality ointment to help with the gliding nature of the treatment to follow.

As you lay back on our comfortable couch, we will encourage you to gently begin to unwind as you prepare to enjoy the peaceful journey of your treatment.

Facial Reflexology…

This holistic treatment follows the same principles (as well as having the same benefits) as foot reflexology.  It is a deeply relaxing treatment where pressure and massage is applied to the reflex points of your face.  In addition to the benefits of foot reflexology, many experience a more radiant, healthy looking complexion.

During the session your face will be cleansed, and a light elixir is then applied to your skin, therefore, it is advisable to only wear minimal make-up prior to treatment. Please note however, it is advisable to wait for 21 days after receiving any facial filler or cosmetic botox treatments. 

You will experience a deeply relaxing combination of massage and gentle pressure on reflex points across all areas of your face whilst experiencing relaxing music and carefully chosen aromas in the room. As this is an especially relaxing form of treatment it is not unusual for some to drift off to sleep for brief periods.

Our products are high end, organic, vegan friendly and not tested on animals – please ask for more information on our specialist brands.

The Deluxe Reflexology Session…

As the name suggests, this is a truly wonderful experience, and combines the best of both worlds.  Your practitioner will tailor the session to focus on key reflex points on your feet combined with essential elements of the facial reflexology routine, all in one indulgent 90 minute session.

By combining both types of reflexology, you will benefit from an enhanced session where you will experience the benefits of conventional reflexology in combination with the tension relieving nature of the facial reflexology approach.

Side by side the two treatments naturally compliment each other and this is perfect for recharging those all too often drained energy reserves.

The Stress Buster Facial Reflexology Treatment…

As an alternative to the full facial reflexology treatment we also offer the 30 minute ‘Stress Buster’.  This is aimed at those who are limited on time they can take out of a day and who just wish to experience 30 minutes of relaxing facial reflexology, purely to unwind and de-stress. It is perfect for short term stresses such as those created by our busy schedules, exam stress, work pressure or for those who just need some valuable ‘me time’ to reset.

A full list of available treatments and ‘bulk saver’ packages can be found by clicking here, please note however that any promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with any package deals