Reflexology For Men

Reflexology may not be the first complementary treatment that most men think of having, but many could benefit greatly from the experience. Whilst the day-to-day stresses often differ, this will still have a negative effect on men’s health.

Whether it’s managing the day-to-day pressures of commuting; long working hours; increasing work pressure or just life in general we are all subjected to demands that make life harder at times. Our body’s often respond by externalising this stress through other symptoms such as:

  • Interrupted or poor-quality sleep
  • Difficulty getting off to sleep
  • Not being able to ‘switch off’
  • Stress-related digestive disturbance
  • Exhaustion
  • Stress and tension headaches
  • Muscular/skeletal pains
  • Tension and irritability
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Reflexology could be the first step you take to make some time for yourself. It can help by:

  • reducing stress
  • helping improve your sleep patterns
  • releasing tension
  • elevating your mood;
  • promoting relaxation
  • improving your well-being.

Feedback from the gentlemen who have tried reflexology includes how much they have enjoyed the treatment generally and the different ways that they have noticed the benefits affect their daily lives. They generally find it incredibly relaxing and enjoy the fact that it gives them some ‘quiet head space’ to relax, recharge and focus