Sports Massage

Massage Appointments available Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays

Massage Services at Our Clinic

The Westway Clinic offers sports or remedial massage with our team of experienced massage therapists.  

All our massage therapists have extensive experience working with a wide range of situations, whether you are a professional sportsperson, keen amateur or are simply looking for a massage to ease the stress of daily life.

Warwick and Jay have both worked alongside Professional and Semi-Professional Sports Teams including Premiership and Championship Football Teams, so they have a wealth of experience ready to help you through injury to a fuller recovery. 

Equally, we recognise many clients suffer from aches, pains and injury caused by everyday life and work stress – our massages are tailored to suit your needs but the high level of professionalism and experience our team brings to you means we are best placed to resolve any issues quickly compared to some generalised massage practitioners.  Additionally, Warwick and Jay can work alongside our Osteopaths in more complex or demanding cases.

Types of Massage Available

    • Sports massage is a ‘firmer’ massage which is excellent for either sports related or general injuries as it can be targeted at specific areas.
  • Remedial massage is a more ‘general’ massage and is an excellent stress reliever but can also be tailored to suit your needs.

The Benefits…

All in all, not only is massage beneficial for injury prevention and recovery, but also for a sense of physical and mental well-being. 

Our massage therapists are specially trained in sports injuries and work alongside our osteopaths to help their patients maximise their performance whilst resolving any injuries.  So, whether you are preparing for a marathon, an upcoming sporting event or working towards your general fitness, our multidisciplinary approach is the key to fast, efficient recovery.

Responding quickly to an injury and seeking expert treatment at the earliest opportunity is proven to be the best way to a speedy return to your chosen sport or activity.  Left for too long, injuries can result in longer term (chronic) loss of function and ability, often due to a build up of scar tissue in joints and muscles.  Working to reduce that scar tissue and return normal function is the basis of all physical therapy including sports massage

We are the only local clinic with a sports therapy team that have fast access to local GP surgeries, fast MRI referrals and other investigation referrals plus excellent relations with the top local hospital consultants for those more complex injuries.

Appointments are often available on short notice – please contact us for more information or to arrange a consultation with our sports therapist or one of our osteopaths who specialise in sports injuries.