Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are areas of thick, dry skin that develop when skin is exposed to excessive pressure or friction. They are very common foot problems that can cause pain when you walk. Our highly trained, professional podiatrists can identify the cause of the corn and remove it painlessly.

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What are the different types of corns?:

  • Hard Corns – (Most common). These are pea-sized and have a small, hard plug of skin in the centre. The plug can press into the skin and cause pain and swelling. Hard corns often occur over bony areas and can be the symptom of feet or toes not functioning properly.
  • Soft Corns – These are whitish and rubbery in texture and appear between the toes where the skin is moist from sweat or trapped moisture. They are extremely painful and can sometimes become infected by bacteria or fungi.
  • Seed Corns – These are clusters of small, usually painless corns on the bottom of the foot.
  • Vascular Corns – These develop on blood vessels and bleed if they are cut. They can be very painful.
  • Fibrous Corns – These have been present for a long time and become attached to the deeper layers of skin.


Calluses are hard, yellowy or pale areas of skin that can feel rough. They are often wider and larger than a corn and do not have such a defined edge.

Most calluses are the symptoms of an underlying problem like a bony deformity, a particular way of walking or inappropriate footwear. Some people have a natural tendency to form callus because of their skin type. Older people have less fatty tissue in their skin and this can lead to callus forming on the ball of the foot.

Don’t cut corns yourself, especially if you are elderly or diabetic, and don’t use corn plasters or paints which can burn the healthy tissue around the corns. Home remedies, like lambswool around toes, are potentially dangerous

You could use a pumice stone to remove the thickened skin a little at a time, or relieve pressure between the toes with a foam wedge, but if you are unsure of what to do, or need special attention, consult a registered podiatrist/chiropodist who will be able to remove corns painlessly, apply padding or insoles to relieve pressure, or fit corrective appliances for long-term relief.


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What our clients say

I have been attending this clinic for the last 13 – 14 years. I have problems with ingrowing toenails and have had nail surgery. The care I received was excellent both with the surgery and aftercare

Pam Marshall-Jones

I was quite anxious on my first visit, having never used any service like this before, but they immediately put me at ease. They are so welcoming and friendly, knowledgeable and informative. The clinic is exceptionally well run, clean and organised and I feel in safe hands. Now it’s one of my favourite health “jobs” to do

Mandy Rowbottom

This was my first visit to a podiatrist. I was really impressed on my first visit and everyone was very friendly. They diagnosed my problem very quickly and knew exactly what to do. I was immediately put at ease and, although the problem has required further treatment, I feel that my feet are in very good hands!!! Thank you!!!

Philip Reilly

Very quickly established the cause of issues and a plan to get it sorted. Each appointment has been excellent and very clear on how to tackle the problem. Fingers crossed for flip-flops in the summer!

Laura Starkie

Very positive experience. Lovely people and excellent treatment over several years. My feet are kept in prime condition!

Robert Bogin

Very professional, excellent service, and always a friendly face! You would be hard pushed to find a better Podiatrist.

Sue Sturla-Joy