Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are very common injuries, occurring usually whilst playing or doing sports. A sprained ankle is when one or more ligaments/structures supporting the ankle are stretched or torn. If not treated properly, long-term problems can occur as a result. The most common type of ankle sprain is the inversion sprain which causes pain along the outer side of the ankle.

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What causes an ankle sprain?

  • Participate in certain sports such as football
  • Walk/run on uneven ground
  • Wear unsuitable footwear
  • Have ankle instability
  • Have lax ligaments
  • A history of trauma to the ankle

What are the signs and symptoms?

  • Pain in the ankle which can be described as throbbing
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • The ankle can feel warm to touch
  • Limp
  • Inability to move the ankle


Most people will go straight to A and E for an X-ray if they suspect a fracture. A visit to a podiatrist would begin by obtaining a thorough history, and whether or not you have suffered any previous ankle injury or sprains in the past.

Treatment would include an examination of the ankle, followed by a biomechanical assessment. The purpose of the biomechanical assessment would be to assess the function of the foot and lower limb, which if not functioning correctly could be making you more susceptible to an ankle sprain

Treatment would aim to reduce any inflammation and improve the function of the foot in order to prevent future sprains. The treatment for an ankle sprain includes:

  • R.I.C.E: rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Anti-inflammatory advice
  • Orthoses
  • Ankle brace
  • Strength training
  • Range of motion training
  • Footwear advice
  • Activity modification
  • Proprioceptive training
  • Exercise prescription

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I have been attending this clinic for the last 13 – 14 years. I have problems with ingrowing toenails and have had nail surgery. The care I received was excellent both with the surgery and aftercare

Pam Marshall-Jones

I was quite anxious on my first visit, having never used any service like this before, but they immediately put me at ease. They are so welcoming and friendly, knowledgeable and informative. The clinic is exceptionally well run, clean and organised and I feel in safe hands. Now it’s one of my favourite health “jobs” to do

Mandy Rowbottom

This was my first visit to a podiatrist. I was really impressed on my first visit and everyone was very friendly. They diagnosed my problem very quickly and knew exactly what to do. I was immediately put at ease and, although the problem has required further treatment, I feel that my feet are in very good hands!!! Thank you!!!

Philip Reilly

Very quickly established the cause of issues and a plan to get it sorted. Each appointment has been excellent and very clear on how to tackle the problem. Fingers crossed for flip-flops in the summer!

Laura Starkie

Very positive experience. Lovely people and excellent treatment over several years. My feet are kept in prime condition!

Robert Bogin

Very professional, excellent service, and always a friendly face! You would be hard pushed to find a better Podiatrist.

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